In this book, the author invites you to share, as the soul-wrenching problems that came hand-in-hand with the economic crash were resolved when left entirely up to God.

Following the loss of her mortgage business, income, home and most of her personal items, she was also enduring much other personal loss. Sick, physically and emotionally exhausted, unable to “pick up and start again, or even make the tiniest decisions …  she experienced a strong inner feeling that she was destined to take a “journey with God.”

Leaving Flint, Michigan in an old borrowed car, not knowing where she was headed, she drove out of the mountains and ended up in a small, unexpected town – Jackson Hole,Wyoming – with $200 left to her name. This is the story of that journey, her walk with God and of His surprising, supernatural intention, constant provision and blessings.

Relying only on God, through prayer, He provided housing, gas, food and every need as He answered her prayers. She lived basically free and had amazing experiences for over two years as God revealed His love and healed her heart.  She finally felt God’s love for her rather than only knowing He did … and fell in love with Jesus.

It is filled with emotions – hope and despair, trial and loss . . . .

It is a quick and easy read that readers say they “cannot put down.” Readers experience hope and encouragement … to those going through difficult times, especially in these economically troubled days.

God also showed her how to know what to do in every situation, even when you don’t  know  … how to know …  what to do.

“If your faith isn’t built in the first three chapters … well … I just don’t know …”



  1. Linda Ratcliffe Said:

    I recommend this book for those going through any kind of trial in life. Cindy encourages us to keep on going, keep on trusting in God, keep on WAITING on the Lord no matter how close “to the wire” it gets. To WAIT on HIM is a hard thing to do but as Cindy shows us in her book HE doesn’t fail us when we continually look to HIM. Thankyou Cindy for encouraging me to WAIT on the LORD while taking one step at a time communicating with HIM as I go–or stay.
    your sister in-Christ, Linda

  2. msclear106 Said:

    That is a story of inspiration that will help many people trust and believe in the power of God. I myself know what it is to trust God as your source. When I started my search for my sister I did not have a clue on where to start but I kept believing that God would allow me to find my sister that was abducted and he did just that. Prayer works when nothing else does

    • Cindy Lynne Said:

      WOW … Praise God! That must have been terrifying for both of you. Let us remember to pray ALWAYS … unceasingly … for He hears and responds. Blessed be His name in all the earth. I will pray for your sister and you tonight as well … for full and complete healing and that you will be blessed as God takes what Satan meant for evil and turns it into good in your lives. Blessings, in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

      • msclear106 Said:

        Thanks for your comments and your words of encouragement and most of all for your prayers
        May God Bless You

  3. GraceGirl Said:

    Can God rescue you from a dead end? Cindy shows how faithful God has been and continues to be in her life. She never steers around straight ahead no matter what the circumstances. Fascinating to see how God moves in on her and provides a way out time after time. Can we depend on God – every time, YES.
    Cindy shares true encouragement for challenges we all face.

  4. Cindy Lynne
    This book is inspirational.

  5. Deb Said:

    Hi Cindy, Loved your book! It really strengthens my faith that God really is there and cares so much, even about the little things. Your story is of amazing step by step faith, a true story of putting that in practice – not just an advice book. God wants us to put down our plans and WAIT for His. Oh so hard! But the results are worth waiting for. Loved all the scriptures and your being forthright about your struggles but how you hung in there and God came through, again and again! I hope many read your book as this is a message all need to hear! Love Deb

  6. Jac Said:

    Cindy Lynn touched my heart with her amazing story of losses and her incredible journey of faith and walk with the Lord. Her writing is easy to read as she tells her story of following Jesus and how Jesus has been with her and often times carried her to the next step. I recommend this book for anyone who needs encouragement.

  7. Rhonda Masterson Said:

    Cindy, I was blessed in reading your book. You keep on keeping on. I would recommend this to my friends.

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